Halloween Makeup 2016

halloween makeup 2016

It’s almost Halloween time, so here’s my Halloween makeup inspo for 2016! I’ve gotta say whereas when I was younger my favourite thing about Halloween was all the candy, now it is by far seeing all these amazing looks and outfits. It’s the coolest thing to see when someone goes all out on their costume and character and totally nails it!

So, who are you taking Halloween inspiration from this year? Continue reading

Trick or Treat! Halloween Makeup ideas

halloween Trick or Treat is the theme of these awesome Halloween makeup ideas – will you go for something cute, sweet and be a total treat? Or are you going to go all out scary in a quick trick? I’ll be honest I am the type of person who usually goes for fairies, witches or cute animals but all the amazing SFX work I’ve seen lately is making me want to turn to the dark side.  Continue reading

Amazing Halloween Makeup Inspiration – throwback!

. Halloween makeup looks

Halloween is the perfect excuse to get amazingly creative with your makeup, to help you out I have put together some incredible looks and inspiration for wherever you’re heading on October the 31st. Although of course Halloween is suppose to be about the spooky and the scary, I can’t stop looking at all the cute and clever makeup – so there’s a lot of that here! Let me know what you think of these looks and whether you are going to try any out for yourself this Halloween!

. Ursula Makeup Halloween disney

Halloween is no dress up party until someone turns up in a Disney inspired costume. This look above is so precise, even down to the Continue reading

XO Beauty Haul

Shaaanxo beauty

A recent sudden desire to wear false eye lashes to an event on the weekend inspired my first XO Beauty Haul from Shaaanxo. I have always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to try out her lash range but I’m not a huge false lash person. My sensitive eyes mean there’s few opportunities to safely layer my eyes in lash eye and on the most part I have always found falsies trying and just too fiddley.

The false eyelash struggle is real, like if I am crying in frustration while doing my makeup you know I’m probably attempting false lashes. However, there were no tears or tantrums this time round!

I grabbed one pair of ‘the romantic lashes’, one tube of white Duo glue and Continue reading

GlamGlow review AKA me wanting to look like a glowing, glamorous person

Glamglow imageGlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment is a face mask with a bit of a difference. After seeing a cute wee snap of Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo) with her GlamGlow face mask on I was super intrigued. “A mask that literally pulls the yuk stuff out of your face and leaves the good stuff?!?”-  I thought while feeling excited and curious about this new product, and off I was surfing the web for GlamGlow, debit card in hand.

The first thing you notice when you open your precious little jar is Continue reading