Products for dry sensitive skin – tested by my dermatitis

products for sensitive skin Finding the right products for dry and sensitive skin can be really tricky and scary, you never know what you will and won’t react to and you also don’t want to be spending lots of money on a product of you aren’t going to end up being able to use it. For the last couple of years I’ve struggled with quite sensitive skin all over my body and dermatitis around my eyes and I’ve tried hundreds of different things to try and calm and cure it. Today I want to share with you a range of moisturisers and brands that have helped my skin immensely in the hope that they might help you too! Continue reading

Top seven beauty essentials


Recently I sat down and thought about what beauty products I consider absolute essentials, and I decided on these final 7. In my opinion these products need beautiful big gold medals and a life time supply of chocolate chip cookies (what a prize right?!) Nothing beats them, and without these essentials my routines just wouldn’t be the same.

♥ Tangle Teezer – The best hair brush I have ever tried!
This brush keeps my hair smooth and completely knot free, as well as being lightweight and easy to take around with me. My purchased my current Tangle Teezer about 2 years ago now and it is still in perfect condition, they are built to withstand a bit of chucking around into bags, drawers and bathroom cupboards. Continue reading

My current skin care routine: Featuring Murad, Physiogel and Tea Tree

skincare routine

Things have really changed since my last skincare routine post, so here is my current situation featuring three main products/brands: Murad, Physiogel and Tea Tree oil. Although I have had massive problems with dermatitis around my eyes in the last couple of months my skin has actually been clear and more breakout free than ever before. It is so, so nice to have clearer skin! I feel better about my skin and myself as well as more confident. I think it goes to show that investing in skin care is well worth it. Continue reading

Physiogel Giveaway

75522 Physiogel pack group shot

If you haven’t already seen, we have an awesome giveaway going on over on the Laura Loves Beauty Blog Facebook page, where you and a friend can win a Physiogel prize pack! Physiogel is my favourite brand for moisturiser because it’s light, free from anything irritating and non-comedgenic (won’t clog your pores). It’s simple, but so effective and my skin always feels so good after using it.

Continue reading

Linden Leaves Product Review & Competition Details

natur I recently got sent some goodies from the lovely people at Linden Leaves to try, and I have gone from never, ever hearing of this brand before to being totally in love with it! If you are like the old me and haven’t heard of Linden Leaves before – It is an NZ company which is cruelty free using natural ingredients in recyclable packaging. Many of their products are even produced by hand so they do really have quite a special touch to them. Keep reading to see what I think of their products and how to enter their Lip Balm competition! Continue reading

My Skin Story Changer – How I got through my skin issues

laura and kitten As we all know, being a teenager is super tough. The awkward moments, the dramas, trying to figure out who you are and what you are supposed to be doing, and it all gets harder when you have acne. I was one of those ‘lucky’ ones. It seemed that as soon as the clock ticked over 12 Continue reading

What to do when your skin turns on you…

dheaYour skin is supposed to be your buddy right? Like your best friend, being smooth, bright and looking after all that gooey stuff inside. But what happens when it just up and changes on you?!? For better or for worse, it’s weird having to get use to a change when your skin has been the same type for a while. My personal experience has been Continue reading

Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush Face Mask – giving me a movie star glow

photo (3)I have recently found myself in my own kind of skin catastrophe – my skin is changing, and I think it’s for the better, but nevertheless, it’s freaking me out! Since my very early teenage years I have had to deal with every kind of oily/combination type of skin, but now it’s turning more to combination/normal-ish skin – so I turned to Catastrophe Cosmetic to help me out! Continue reading