Christmas Gifts for your Girlfriends

christmas gift guide I’ll be straight up with you, if you are starting your Christmas shopping now you are cutting it close, however no fear because I am here to help you with some great gift ideas for your girlfriends. By girlfriends I mean girls who are your friends, like your buddies, your besties, familiars, the ying to your yang or that friend who always knows when it’s time to swap your vodka for water and not tell you. But this guide is probably useful if you are trying to buy your female significant other a gift too, so read on person who has friends that are girls!

Firstly anyone who says that girls are hard to buy for is just being lazy, one word: Pretty things! Generally girls like things that are pretty, smell pretty or make them prettier. I still believe that one of the best gifts is either getting someone something which they use all the time (a gift that you know will go to good use), or giving an item which you know the person would love but one of those things they wouldn’t be able to justify buying for themselves. Continue reading

My Picks for NZ Fashion Weekend 2014

nz fashion weekend NZ Fashion Weekend hits high on my list of favourite Auckland events each year. The 2014 NZ Fashion Weekend comes this year with all our favourites plus a few new fantastic additions. Whether you are a fashion fanatic or just curious there is actually a little something for everyone.

Fashion Weekend spans over the 29th to the 31st of August, with an opening party on the Friday evening and then Saturday morning kicking it off with the Designer Garage Sale Continue reading