Top Sunblocks for Summer – Throwback

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It’s not a question of if you are going to use sunblock this summer, it’s which sunblock to use. There are tonnes and tonnes of sun protection products out now which can make it hard to know what’s best for you. In the past I just jumped for something that had medium to high SPF and didn’t smell like a chemical power plant. However now with more sensitive skin (and also much more skin knowledge) I am way more careful about what I chose to layer on before going outside. Today I’m sharing my three favourite suncreams which I am using at the moment – they are all slightly different catering to different needs/skin/sun activities.

♥ Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face $22.99 SPF 30

Best for: Breakout prone skin needing non-comedogenic products (won’t clog your pores) and something which is lightweight.

This sunblock made specifically for your face is oil free and super light with no grease in sight. It feels nice on the skin, almost like a light moisturiser and has a subtle plain scent. I really like Continue reading

Festival Makeup Inspiration – throwback!

festival makeup collage

Summer festivals are the perfect excuse to try out something new and a bit more ‘out there’ in regards to your makeup. It’s also a great way to get totally immersed in the whole vibe of the day. Over the summer with different events it’s often my makeup look that I change up a bit to be in theme – it’s easy to do (with a bit of practice) and I usually already have all the tools and supplies I need. Today I have complied a bundle of different and cool festival makeup looks which also incorporate some great hair styling ideas too. It’s totally up to you to decide whether to go all out with you face, hair, outfit and accessories or to just add some extra detail to your regular eye makeup with a touch of sparkle or flowers. Continue reading