Mecca Maxima Birthday Haul

Mecca Maxima Birthday Haul

Birthday vouchers = Mecca Maxima Haul time! I was super lucky to get some Mecca Max vouchers for my 27th birthday. I picked up a couple of things that had been lurking in my shopping cart online as well as topping up some all time favourites.

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2016 Empties (and almost empties)


Since we aren’t so far into the year just yet I thought I’d share with you all my 2016 empties, besides January is just a practice run anyways, right! These are the products I have finished up so far this year. A few of them were my travel essentials while I was in Vietnam so it’s no surprise that they are all used up! Continue reading

NYX and Urban Decay now available in NZ

NYX Urban Decay The rumours are true! NYX and Urban Decay are now available in NZ, finally big brands are becoming more accessible all the way over here.

NYX hits New Zealand Stores next Thursday in Auckland. With the opening of the brand new Farmers on Queen Street comes NZ’s first ever NYX stand. I am so excited about this and can’t wait to not only see NYX in store, but also Continue reading

March Favourites!


March for me as been all about beautiful but quick makeup, and that’s reflected here in my March favourites! Not only has my job been hectic this month, but my skin has totally broken out making me return to my BB cream for everyday wear. For the month ahead I have decided that I need to really focus on clearing up my skin, this has led me to look at a few new avenues – more info to come soon!

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Naked Basics Palette Review – Do I use it even though I already have Naked2 & 3?


The Naked Basics Palette collection are like the cute little babies of the Naked collection. Small, cute, easy to carry around and they just have the bare essentials – no extra baggage. I found myself lusting a lot over the Naked Basics palettes even though I already own Naked 2 & 3 – you know how that justification process goes in your head

Practical voice: Will I even use it? I mean, seriously, I already have two.

Not so practical voice: Yes you totally will, and look how easy they are for travelling!

Practical: You are suppose to be saving and really don’t need another god damn eye shadow palette.

Not so: Your favorite shade Booty Call has hit pan and Naked Basics will make everything okay again! And besides, you don’t even have Naked 1 so it’s not ridiculous at all!

And the not so practical voice wins out once again, hey, it had some really strong points.

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Big Bucket Sale December Haul – MAC, Urban Decay and some essentials

mac images

The Big Bucket sale this December was quite a surprise. I’ll be honest, I went along to the North Shore sale twice this month as they seem to have been opening and running the sale on and off all month. I went late November to the clearance sale and was really disappointed. There just wasn’t the usual range of products, what was there had all previously been opened and everything was just icky. I ended up leaving with two books and a pack of baby wipes. However, as always Big Bucket some how enticed me back, and I am glad they did because I ended up leaving with possibly some of my best Big Bucket finds ever.

A few of the usuals….

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Kim Kardashians wedding make up cost how much?!?

Trust me, it’s not as much as you would expect!

kim k wedding look

Mario Dedivanovic was the make up artist/genius behind Kims look on her big day just a few weeks ago now. Mario recently released some details over Instagram about how he created Kims look. As I lusted over her flawless, fresh base, smooth smokey eyes and that pinky nude lip colour, I would have never have guessed that the products used were Continue reading