Bon Bon Bath and Beauty Review

Bon Bon Bath and Beauty

Today I’m sharing my Bon Bon Bath and Beauty review after trying out this brand for the first time recently. I have followed this brand on Instagram for awhile now, mainly because their products just look so yummy, and was lucky to get two of their most popular products for Christmas. Something else which attracted me to the brand is that it is NZ owned and operated and completely vegan! The two products I tried are the Raspberry Gelato Scrub which is a body exfoliator and the Unicorn Fluff which is a thick body wash which can also be used for shaving.ย  Continue reading

Are there bugs in my Beauty Blender? + other makeup questions

Beauty Blender cut

Are there bugs in my Beauty Blender?? I have often wondered what the inside of an old Beauty Blender would look like. Especially after seeing that horror film where a girl cuts hers open to find a whole heap of bugs (haven’t seen it, click here and half cover your eyes). There’s also a lot of other beauty related things I have wondered about and a lot of different questions online. Today I’m going to answer some of these questions, like just how limited are MAC limited edition products? What’s the difference between cruelty free and vegan? Why do you need to store your dip brow upside down? How does micellar water actually work when it’s just water?ย  Continue reading

DB Cosmetics Long Wear 24 Hour foundation review

Long wear 24 hour foundation DB cosmetics I recently decided to pick up my first ever DB Cosmetics product after seeing it in a local store a few times and hearing some positive things about their Long Wear Foundation over on MUO. I’ll be honest, I was pretty unsure about it all as I’ve never heard much about the brand, haven’t seen much advertising for it and also it isn’t stocked in many locations. But I did know that it is pretty popular over in Australia and Britney Saunders had even done a tutorial just using the one brand – so I wandered over to the stand and went for the 24 Hour Long Wear Foundation, mostly because I was wanting full coverage and I liked the bottle (it reminds me of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation bottle and turns out many people think the DB foundation is a dupe for that!) Continue reading