What’s in her bag #3 Featuring Sarah from The Lilly Mint Blog

  sarah lilly blog

I’ll be honest, I’ve been admiring The Lilly Mint Blog for quite awhile now. I really appreciate Sarah’s honesty and she features and reviews a lot of products I haven’t yet tried – so it’s my go to if I’m wanting to try out something new. Sarah and I share a love for all things natural including rose hip oil and Linden Leaves. I also find her fashion picks super inspiring, so you can imagine how excited I was when she said she would let me and all of you have a snoop through her bag! Continue reading

‘What’s in her bag?’ #2 – Featuring my bestie Melissa!

Mel Bag

You know how when you were young you always, always wished that your best friend lived next door? Melissa and I are literally living that dream! After becoming friends on our first day of intermediate school (we saved each other from being total loners), and 13 years later we are still super tight and since last Christmas, neighbors!!

Melissa always impresses me with the amount of lip products she has in her bag at any given time. Continue reading

‘What’s in her bag?’ #1- Featuring Elese from eleseaesthete.com

elese hand bag 2 . Welcome readers, to my first ever week long blog feature! Lately I have been thinking about handbags quite a lot – partly because I need a new weekend bag and partly because I am currently planning a trip to Thailand and am lusting over all the bags I’ll be able to buy over there. But it’s not just all about the actual bag is it? Sure, they can be great fashion accessories and finish off an outfit, however most of the time it’s really all about what’s IN the bag. I decided to do a little research aka be a bit nosey, and see what other young 20 something beauty and fashion lovers carry around in their bags and what they see as their every day essentials.

Our first interviewee is Elese Continue reading