Thailand Makeup Haul

IMG_0793 I am back for 2015, firstly with a Thailand makeup haul. As many of you know I spent the first three weeks of the year exploring three different cities in Thailand – and of course I did some shopping! Thailand is lucky to host some amazingly huge malls as well as a lot of makeup filled pharmacies and Sephora! I managed to get a few good products and quite a few things off my makeup wish list while I was there. It was so interesting looking at the different brands and products which haven’t made it to NZ shores yet. I also discovered my new favourite makeup shop… can anyone guess what it is?!

♥ Sephora

It was so nice to be in the midst of a Sephora once again. The stores were beautifully set up (as always) and had the biggest set up range of the Sephora brand products I have seen, much bigger than in Toronto. However I was disappointed that they had no Kat Von D products and only the eye cream from Glam Glow. These were two brands I really wanted to go crazy on!


I got: UD de-slick makeup setting spray, Stila stay all day foundation, concealer and brush kit, Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner, Sephora eyeshadow in ‘first glance’ and Sephora contour eye pencil in purple. 


I found a MAC store in one of the high end malls in Bangkok. Although the shop assistant didn’t really speak English and my Thai is limited to ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ – we managed to make sure I didn’t leave the store empty handed. These are two products which have been on my list for ages! I was planning on buying a bit more at MAC however even with the currency conversion and taking off VAT (Thailand tax) the products were only marginally cheaper than buying at home.


I got: Mineralize skinfinish in ‘lightscapade’ and Pro conceal and correct palette.


Watsons is a pharmacy which is based more on beauty products than medicines and heath products, and they are everywhere in Thailand. It seemed like the go to for all your drugstore needs as it was always full of teenage girls.


I got: Watsons deep cleansing nose pore strips, Hydrogel eye therapy patch and SunSilk damage therapy hair masks.

♥Eve & Boy (spoiler alert, NEW FAVOURITE!)

Coming across this store after discovering a huge Hello Kitty restaurant and spa, I knew it was going to be a good thing. I had never seen or heard of Eve&Boy before, doing a little research online it seems to be only in Thailand. We could so do with one of these here! The store has a mixture of high end and drugstore products including brands like Loreal, Maybelline, Wet n Wild, NARS and a lot of fab asian brands which I hadn’t heard of before. It also has a huge hair care section. It’s a two story beauty extravaganza! Although I didn’t actually end up buying much there I loved every minute of that store and spent ages wandering around and then went back for a second look.


I got: Ashle double cheek colour, Maybelline clean express miracle water, Wet n Wild lipstick in ‘don’t blink pink’ and a Sivanna Natural palette. 


I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these stores, who else has discovered Eve&Boy?


  • Oooh nice haul! I love Watsons – they always have so many beauty goodies! I’m curious about the Maybelline Micellar water. I’ve never heard of Eve and Boy, it looks like they’re a Thailand-only store. It sounds awesome, though!

    • I’ve been using my Watsons pore strips and they are so good! Thinking back and realising how cheap they were I am wishing I had bought more! I am going to start using the Maybelline Micellar water soon and do a full review. We can just hope and pray that one day Eve & Boy extends closer to our shores!

  • OMG EVE AND BOY LOOKS AMAZING wish we had it in NZ! Look forward to the micellar review Laura <3

    • It is the best! I know there’s that ‘bring Sephora to NZ’ petition going around, but maybe we need to start an Eve & Boy one?!?

  • Christel Hansen

    Omg I want to go to Thailand so friggen bad. My partner and I are always talking about going there, he’s been before so it’d be good to go with someone who knows his way around!
    I didn’t even realise there was a Sephora in Thailand. I am so jealous! And that Eve and Boy store looks amazing, I will definitely be going there if and when we make it to Thailand!! oxoxo

    • Bangkok is the best for shopping so definitely include it in your itinerary! There’s an area called Siam which has four huge malls and then also shops around the streets. It’s super easy to get to via taxi or sky train and the food there is amazing too. I think in total in that one area there was 3 Sephoras, along with Eve & Boy and then department stores which have all the usual higher end makeup like MAC. Benefit, NARS. I could talk about this shopping area for ever lol. I’m thinking about doing a guide to shopping in Bangkok post, what do you reckon?

      • Christel Hansen

        That sounds so amazing!! Is it super cheap to travel via taxi/sky train?
        Oh wow.. 3 sephoras… that would be crazy awesome!
        Yes please, I would love to see a guide to shopping in Bangkok post! That would be so amazing!

        • Yeah, really cheap. Especially if you don’t mind bargaining with the taxi drivers a bit! Okay, I’m going to do it – guide to shopping in Bangkok is on it’s way!

  • Emily White

    Oooh nice haul! I like the wee blurbs about your experience at each shop too – cause I’m planning a Thailand trip at some point. Also – what do you think of the De Slick UD spray? I have the All Nighter but I’m wondering if I should get the De Slick next time cause my skin’s so oily!

    • Thailand is amazing, one of the best experiences I have ever had. I’m already planning on going back there, the sooner the better! I’m also going to do a Bangkok shopping guide soon so keep an eye out! I really like it and it does its job in regards to keeping the oil away, but i haven’t tried the All Nighter so can’t compare. De Slick does a super good job at keeping my makeup on too, so might be a good option for you!

    • Thailand is such an incredible place, everyone needs to visit there. I’m already planning another trip over, the sooner the better! I’m going to do a Bangkok shopping guide soon, so keep an eye out for that for even more shopping info! I really like the De Slick, it keeps the oil away and my makeup on my face. My MAC Fix + does the same thing, but with slightly less oil control. I can’t compare to the All Nighter though sorry, I haven’t tried it…. yet!

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