The Superhero of multi-purpose balms + keeping lips luscious!

download (1) Ultra balm, made by Lush is one of those products which I take absolutely everywhere, like I literally cannot be somewhere without it. It is a creamy, thick consistency balm which can be used for anything, and a little goes a really long way so it is super economical. So far I have used it on my dry lips, under and on the edges of my eyes, on a cat scratch and a dry knee patch. I definitely mainly just use it as a lip balm, but it is nice to have a product which can be used for other things when you need it.

As someone who spent a very long time on Rocautane/Isotane (a serve acne drug), I have suffered the long term side effects of very dry lips and I also get little reddened, dry patches on the skin by the outer corner of my eyes sometimes. Ultra balm gently treats both of these issues. I also really like how natural it is, it only contains 3 ingredients and is vegan.

And while we are on the topic of lips, my other little secret to keeping my lips in top condition is a good old lip scrub! We exfoliate our bodies to get rid of dry skin, so why not our lips! At the moment I am using the amazing Lush lip scrubs. I have two flavours, Bubble Gum – which has a delicious scent of raspberry bubble gum goodness which remind’s me of a raspberry lemonade slushy, and Santa – a sweet cola flavour which has the most adorable little edible red hearts icing the top of it. I love this product and I feel that using the balm and scrub in combination has really helped keep my lips smooth and hydrated.

If you’re game, have a go at making your own lip scrub, its super easy! I have made my own with raw brown sugar and a bit of coconut oil, and you only need the tiniest bit! Just rub on, scrub and rub around, then remove or lick clean! For some other DIY scrub recipes, have a look in here.

Eeeeeeek! Look at the little, tiny hearts!

bubble gum lip scrub

santa lip scrub