How to fix your dried up DipBrow

fix dried up DipBrow

So you’ve had your Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow for a little while and it’s dried up and just isn’t quite the same, its seems hardened and not as smooth to apply? There are three quick, easy steps you can do to fix it up!

If your anything like me, your DipBrow is going to last you a long time. The product is so pigmented that a little goes a long way and the gel like texture means it never needs touching up during the day (you can read more about DipBrow here) – so it’s important to keep it in top notch condition so that it doesn’t run dry before you’ve really got as much as you want out of it.

Below are my top three tried and tested tips to keeping your DipBrow (or any other similar pomade brow product) working well.

♥ Add a drop of baby oil. Just a tiny, little, baby drop of baby oil will pull your DipBrow out of the dry season. But remember to start with the smallest amount possible, you can always add more! Then with a brush lightly distribute the oil across the top of the product. I didn’t fully mix the oil all into the product and I don’t think you need to. Coconut oil would probably work just the same too (however I haven’t tried it myself).

♥ Store your DipBrow upside down. Now I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what the exact science is behind this one but heaps of people swear that storing it upside means that the moisture is distributed in the right place. Therefore it is less likely to dry out in the first place. I have been storing it upside down ever since I added the drop of baby oil and it is still as smooth as the day I bought it.

♥ Check the brow brush you are using. You are only as good as your tools, and if you are using a brush that is falling apart, super dirty, or not the right shape these factors will all be contributing to an unsuccessful application. I think the dirt part is the most important, product build up means your putting a mixture of week old dry dip brow along with fresh product on your brows and also dipping germs into the pottle. Not productive at all for achieving ultimate brow game! (For the record, I recommend the Bdellium tools 762, as pictured above – its angled perfectly and super easy to clean or the Dual-Ended Brow Brush from Carousal Cosmetics).

ABH DipBrow

And there you have it! A 3 month old Anastasia Beverley Hills DipBrow that is no longer as crisp as a desert!

  • Ooh I was just noticing that mine is a bit dry. I was going to add some eye drops to it, I’ve done that to a gel eyeliner before and it worked alright.

    • I’ve heard that eye drops (the dry eye kind) are super good to use too!

  • Mine’s a bit dry too – I think I’ll add some oil to it. Thanks for the tip Laura! x

    • Let me know how you go! Its made the world of difference to mine!

  • Hi! I nominated you for the Liebster Award because I think your blog is pretty amazing! Check out the link to learn more about it! I hope you carry on the nominations because it is a great way to find other bloggers. Have a great day!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Savannah! I will definitely continue the award on.

  • Savannah

    Do you think coconut oil could work in place of the baby oil?

    • yeah, I can’t see why not! Just start off with a tiny bit at first and see how you go. I’d love for you to let me know if it works well for you

      • Savannah

        Coconut oil worked great for mine! I used 3 drops and smoothed it around and now my dip and my eye brows are beautiful again!

        • Yay! That is so awesome! Coconut oil is such a great idea. I think I will choose coconut oil to use if my Dip Brow ever gets dry again

          • Savannah

            Haha we just don’t have any babies around so I thought coconut oil would be the next best choice! My eyebrows thank you. Lol.

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