Tips for making your makeup last all night long – just in time for NYE

NYE tricks

It can be difficult getting your makeup to last all night long, especially on a big night out like NYE. It’s not something you really want to be worrying about while ringing in the new year, but also there’s the struggle of lots of selfies to be taken and looking fab while the new year begins. Don’t fret! There are some tired and true tricks of the trade (alliteration much?!) which will help your makeup last through all the partying, drinking and midnight kisses – ooooo!

♥ Foundation/base tricks

Primer is a must for making your makeup last, which type is up to you and your skin. Some people say you should match your primer to the type of foundation that you are using e.g. a water based primer with a water based foundation. Personally I just try out different combinations and primers to see what works best and chose primers based on my skin type and issues. Smooth your primer over your face, a little usually goes a long way, then allow it to settle on your skin for a minute or two before starting with your foundation.

You may want to try the powder before foundation trick if you tend to get oily on your T-zone after a few hours. The powder helps absorb and control oil and can also add more coverage. Click here for a full written tutorial and a how-to video.

Although setting your makeup is normally a final step, you can also set your face once you have your full base on to make sure it stays put too. A quick spray with a good quality setting spray like MAC Fix + or the UD all nighter long lasting setting spray will keep everything in place.

NYE makeup
MAC Fix + Spray, E.L.F lip liner, Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, MAC Prep + Prime setting powder

♥ Eye Makeup

Nothing keeps your eyeshadow on longer then Lime Crimes Eye Shadow Helper, it is legit a magical potion. I wore this last weekend for Raggamuffin and actually could not get my eye makeup off my face – I really wish I had taken a snap. My eyeshadow ended up not coming off until my shower the next morning. It’s a fabulous base product which makes your colours brighter and keeps them there. Another favourite of mine is using a MAC Paint Pot as a base, I use the shade Painterly.

I also recommend using a waterproof eyeliner and mascara if you know you’re in for a super big night. A way to set your eyeliner is to use a dark/matching eyeshadow shade and dab it on your eyeliner with a small angled brush. The eye shadow will set it the same way as a finishing powder sets your foundation.

♥ Lips

I find lipstick one of the hardest things to keep on, no matter what tricks I try. The key is to either accept that you will end up with no lippy on and make sure you have your shade on you to reapply through the night, or to go all out with all the tricks to keep it on as long as humanly possible. I follow this process for longer lasting lipstick – scrub, moisture, lip liner, lipstick, powder it and then lipstick again. Obviously it’s a great idea to use products which are specifically made to last for longer times as well.

The longest lasting lip product I have ever come across is the e.l.f lip liners, they seriously stay on your lips forever.

longer lipstick
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♥ Can you really use hairspray to lock in your makeup?

Finishing off your look with a final spray of makeup setting spray will ensure that you are ready to party. Be careful with setting sprays if you are wearing non-waterproof mascara, as it can sometimes make that run! Yes, you can use a spray of hairspray if that is all you’ve got and lets be honest here, it works incredibly! But I just feel like it can’t be that great for your skin, so use it only in desperate times!

Share your long lasting makeup tips below. Hope you all have an amazing NYE, be safe and have a ball!