I took my gel polish off at home and it was a disaster

gel polish

This afternoon I decided to take off my gel polish at home and it was a total disaster. Probably my biggest beauty blunder moment in a long, long time. I was so prepared, I had all the bits and bobs and my confidence was at the level of ‘I’ve watched nail ladies do this to my nails over a hundred times so I know exactly what I’m doing’. But it turns out taking off my gel polish is not something that I should be doing at home. And something I don’t think I’ll ever be doing again.

First of all, I’m not really sure if my nail polish remover was quite the right stuff. It is an acetone formula (which is the chemical that dissolves your polish) but also just a regular cheap nail polish remover. I was very professional and had my little squares of cotton pads and tin foil all set to go (another false confidence builder) and I even roughed up the top layer of my bright pink polish with a nail file.

After soaking my nails for about 15-20 mins I took off my little foil finger covers to see how magnificently the polish was peeling off. There was some promising peeling which I gently removed. I then put my acetone soaked cotton pads and foil covers back on thinking that it all just needed a little longer.

I was so wrong. About an hour and 15 mins had gone by and I still had patches of super stuck gel polish all over my nails. I was so over it by this point! I couldn’t eat my mandarin, I couldn’t turn the pages of my book properly or scroll through Facebook safely with my sharp foil fingers. I was a sooky mountain of regret and absolutely stunk of nail polish remover.

Fast forward to my nail escapade now stretching to almost two hours long and I was now soaking my nails tips in a bowl of remover. I would soak one set of nails while my boyfriend scrapped at the other.

By the end of it all I had been able to get off every last bit of pink polish, but I’m pretty sure my nails weren’t feeling as satisfied as I was. I have never had such rough feeling and scratchy looking nails and I am currently trying to convince myself that after a bit of nail oil and a sleep that they will be all good. Don’t worry, I’ve never heard of sleep being beneficial to nails either, it’s just a little lie I have concocted to try and make myself feel better.

To sum up, I don’t think I will be ever trying this at home ever again. The worst part is that without my strengthening gel polish I doubt my nails will even last till my next nail appointment on the weekend. I’ve learnt my lesson!

Have you ever had a similar nail polish removing drama?


  • Samantha Lines

    I never pay to get my gels taken off. It’s a hassle to remove but I bought some of those clips they use in the salons and I’m eagerly waiting for them to arrive! I also have a metal cuticle shaper thing that is a god send when it comes to taking polish off. However. If I have an appointment in the not too distant future, they can definitely do the removal, they’re much better at it than me haha.

    • I think getting those clips would make everything waaay easier! I’m going to look at buying some off aliexpress, just in case I decide to have another go one day. Do you use the metal cuticle shaper to scrap off the polish? I had one of those little wooden orange sticks and it was wearing away by the end of it all!

  • Oh no, I’ve been planning on trying to remove my own gels this week! I have an appointment next weekend but idk if I can wait that long. I’m thinking I’ll need to buy some pure acetone though – I think that might have been your downfall!

    • That was my exact predicament, the polish was bothering me so much that I just couldn’t wait until my appointment this weekend! Yeah, I think you’re right! The stuff I had wasn’t strong enough, I might look in to buying some. Do you know where to get it from?

      • I get my beauty supplies like iso from beautygallery.co.nz – they supply nail salons so I assume they have pure acetone too!

        • Oh cool! Thanks so much, I’ll definitely be having a look at their site!