My Top 5 Essential Beauty Products – with Lena Talks Beauty

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As a beauty blogger and general makeup and beauty lover – i’ll admit it, I have a large amount of products. Many totally necessary, some I could live without but wouldn’t want to and there’s a few things in my collection that I haven’t even opened yet. Lena, from and I set ourselves a bit of a challenge. To decide on our top 5 products which we couldn’t live without. Yup, just whittle it down to only 5…. the little number 5. Okay, can you see that it was super hard to do??? However, here they are! 5 glorious products!!

♥ 1. Angels On Bare Skin – fresh face cleanser from Lush

This face wash helped my skin make a total turn around. I’ve gone from oily with breakouts every other day to clearer, brighter skin. I use it every morning and it is so gentle and lovely on my skin, I seriously can’t imagine using anything else. I highly recommend it if you have sensitive skin or skin that needs balancing.

♥ 2. EOS Lip Balms 

I love wearing matte lipsticks and so I try and pay special attention to my lips to make sure they are soft and moisturised enough to let my favourite matte lip shades shine. I really like the shape of EOS lip balms, they last for a super long time and the scents are soooo yummy! I buy mine in semi-bulk lots from At the moment I am using ‘Sweet Mint’.

♥ 3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (Taupe)

This product has been talked about so much and had so much hype that I feel I just don’t even need to explain myself. My eyebrows are a little thinner and lighter in some parts than I would like (you can read more about how I sort my brows out here) and this product always saves the day. I use this even when I wear no other makeup at all. The hype is real!

♥ 4.  Mascara – but yet to find the perfect one!

The look of big, full, doe eyed lashes is my absolute favourite, and will never go out of style. Just like my eyebrows, my lashes are not super dark and so I need mascara to help them become much more visible. I have a few top mascaras but I am still in search of ‘the one’. I have used Maybelline’s Falsies quite a lot, but find that the one with the green/blue-ish writing on it is the only one which doesn’t transfer under my eyes and it’s harder to find. At the moment I use the Eye Of Horus mascara which is great for me as it is all natural and for sensitive eyes, but it always ends up under my eyes which drives me crazy! I am about to go back and try a Natio one again which I used for awhile a couple of years ago. Cross your fingers for me!

♥  5.  MAC Lipstick

Nothing beats that delicious vanilla smell that MAC lipsticks possess. And there is just something about them that makes me feel so excited and like I have a real little piece of luxury. I find for me personally that they aren’t the longest lasting on my lips, but I can’t get past the huge range of shades and finishes. In particular some of my all time favourites are Girl About Town, Up The Amp, Saint Germain and Heroine.

So what are your all time top 5 beauty products? Go and check out Lena’s top 5 and see if you are on the same page as us with our favourites or not!

I’d also love some mascara recommendations! Something which isn’t waterproof and won’t end up under my eyes!