Top seven beauty essentials


Recently I sat down and thought about what beauty products I consider absolute essentials, and I decided on these final 7. In my opinion these products need beautiful big gold medals and a life time supply of chocolate chip cookies (what a prize right?!) Nothing beats them, and without these essentials my routines just wouldn’t be the same.

♥ Tangle Teezer – The best hair brush I have ever tried!
This brush keeps my hair smooth and completely knot free, as well as being lightweight and easy to take around with me. My purchased my current Tangle Teezer about 2 years ago now and it is still in perfect condition, they are built to withstand a bit of chucking around into bags, drawers and bathroom cupboards.

Seen some for cheaper? Don’t buy the cheaper imitations – they aren’t worth it and won’t last.

image from – they sell Tangle Teezers and ship NZ wide

♥ Beauty Blender – simple foundation application that blends without any extra work.
I remember seeing an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Kim’s MUA was blending foundation over her psoriasis using a Beauty Blender and I was like “what is that?” and “surely a brush could do the same thing!” But I was so wrong! Applying foundation is the easiest way to apply product evenly and so that it blends perfectly.

Extra Tip: In my experience the real thing is much better than all the copies, but the Real Techniques sponge comes very close. Also, you have to commit to washing these frequently and throughly.



♥ GHD Hair Straightener – the classic heat styler
If you went through the struggles like me of using odd hair straighteners through your teenage years which caused massive damage and left your hair looking like straw than I’m sure you understand my GHD appreciation. I bought my first GHD when I was 17 years old and have only had to buy one replacement. They are such solid quality and if you give them an average amount of care they last for years and years. My next goal is to learn how to curl with mine.

Trust me! Don’t ever, ever use the Remington Steam Hair Straightener – it is the most dangerous appliance I have ever used (they are probably banned from shelves now).

♥ Good skincare – Invest in skincare that works for your skin
I really think that one of the best beauty investments you can make is in your skincare – because better skin will last much longer than a bottle of foundation or a lipstick. Find products which are made for your skin type and treat specific concerns that you have and be aware of how your skin changes and change your routine to fit it. You may have needed oil control in your teens, but really may be needing to look at different products by your late twenties. This year I have spent the most on my skincare than ever before and am seeing the benefits of the investment.

Extra Tip: If you aren’t sure what you need ask the professionals! A consultation at The Caci Clinic really helped me.

♥ Makeup Remover – even if it pains you to take it all off, you’ve got too
Going to bed wearing makeup is the worst beauty crime you can commit, there is nothing good that can come of it. Whether you use a cleanser, oil or wipes you have got to have something to take it all off and take it off properly. My preferred routine is to use my ZA makeup remover oil and then wash my face with my usual cleanser afterwards. Your future self will be so thankful and it feels way better the next morning too.

Extra Tip: If you are headed for a big night out where you know you aren’t going to be bothered removing your makeup once you get home, be prepared and make it as easy as possible for your future tired/drunk self! Leave a face cloth, makeup remover and cotton pads out by the sink ready to go.

eos lip balm

♥ Lip Balm – in my opinion one of the most uncomfortable things in the world is dry lips
There is just no excuse not to have lip balm and regularly use it. Due to a history with acne drugs and a nervous habit I lick, rub and chew at my lips meaning that lip balm is an every day must have. I’ve found that simple is usually best, Maybelline Baby Lips or EOS always do the trick.

Go one step better: and make sure you have a lip scrub too, it works wonders! Check out my favourite ones, including homemade by clicking here.

♥ Tame the Brows – I never thought brows would be so important to me, but they are and here’s why
You’ve heard it all before, having well groomed and shaped eye brows can do wonders for the face, and by now you’ve probably tried it out and realised that all the rumours are true, Brows are life! Which is why products to tame the brows are in my top beauty essentials. Even if I am having a makeup free day I will spend a minute giving my brows a brush and filling them in a little. It makes the biggest difference! Check out my all time favourite brow products here.

Don’t throw out your old mascara! Actually do, but keep the brush. Give it a good wash and you have a handy spare brow brush.