My Top Ten Online Beauty Shops

girl blogging Once you start buying make up and beauty products online, you realise how insanely expensive products can be in stores here in NZ – the price difference can be heartbreaking. Now it is a hugely rare occasion for me to actually purchase a product in store. Of course there are pro’s and con’s to online shopping – con: online shop could just be a creepy man in his basement collecting money from unsuspecting beauty lovers, you have to wait for your package to arrive – BUT I really think that 99% of the time buying online totally pays off! So if you come armed with a debit card, credit card or PayPal account, are sitting at your computer ready to go and have a little patience to wait for the shipping THEN READ ON MY SHOPPING FRIEND and have a look at my top online beauty shops!

beauty joint logo ♥ Beauty Joint

Beauty Joint is an american website which stocks a lot of great brands which can be a little more difficult to come across in NZ (have a look at my most recent Beauty Joint Haul here). The products are also all at really good prices, often I have shopped around to find a particular product at the cheapest price and have ended up buying it from here. Shipping is calculated by weight and they ship directly to NZ.

elf logo

♥ ELF Cosmetics (eyes lips face)

I know it is easy enough now to pop down to your local Kmart to pick up some cheap E.L.F goodies, however sometimes using the official E.L.F website can still end up in your favour. If you sign up to their email list you get regular emails about package deals and discount offers which are probably the best sales I have ever seen in my life. Deals like 75% off and spend $25 and get a full Studio Brush Set free have come up this year and if you can make the most of it and do a bit of a haul, even with shipping you are making major savings!

iherb logog ♥ I-Herb

I-Herb is a great website to use if you are wanting beauty supplies like coconut oil and vitamins as well as makeup products from brands like e.l.f, EcoTools, Real Techniques or Physicians Formula. These guys also ship directly to NZ with a few different shipping options. I am putting together a bit of a haul from I-Herb at the moment that has everything from e.l.f and EcoTools brushes to Atkins Bars and Evening Primrose oil capsules.

drug store logo ♥

This is another great site which has a little bit of everything! Drug store has a huge range of more common brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Olay, Cover Girl, Revlon as well as lots of brands you might not have heard of before. It has health and beauty products, foods and even pet items (I got my puppys shampoo and conditioner from here) The site is easy to use and often has products which haven’t come out in NZ yet – like Maybellines Baby Skin Primer. doesn’t ship to NZ so you will have to use a postal forwarding service like the one below.

♥ YouShop

YouShop is a postal forwarding service which people in NZ can use to get products sent to them from America and the UK. I use this service for websites like e.l.f and which don’t already ship to NZ. I have been really impressed with YouShop’s service and have used it soooo many times now – you can have a look at my full article on YouShop here.

nordstrom logo ♥ Nordstrom

Nordstrom is an american department store which is a bit like Smith & Caugheys – they sell clothing, accessories and makeup which is all more high end brands and luxury items. Again you will have to use a postal forwarding service – DON’T USE THE ONE THEY SUGGEST!! It doesn’t actually work for people in NZ. However it’s a great place to buy from if you want a range of more high end products from different brands – for example I purchased MAC and Clinque in a haul from here. 

mac website ♥ MAC Cosmetics

To guarantee you are buying authentic MAC products for more affordable prices is the place to go. You’ll find depending on the current exchange rate products can end up being quite a bit cheaper and you can also buy products from new collections or limited edition releases which aren’t in NZ yet.

blush baby website ♥ Blush Baby

Blush Baby is an NZ online store which has the best range of false lashes I have seen in a long time. Shipping is free if you spend over $25 and the service is faultless – run by my fellow MUO Nicola May, she also offers stunning makeup and hair services. She did my makeup for my ball this year and lets just say a photo of me with her amazing work quickly became my profile picture for almost everything!

beautynetkorea site

♥ BeautynetKorea

BeautynetKorea is my go to for any kind of Korean makeup or beauty products. The shipping is quick, the service is good and you usually get a cute little selection of free samples with your purchases. I really like how you can buy small sets of sample sized products on this site – meaning you can try out a range of products without worrying about spending heaps of money on something you might not like.

pagan marie site ♥ Pagan Marie

If you need Lime Crime or The Balm products stat then Pagan Marie is the place for you! NZ based, free NZ shipping, fast and easy service – what more could you want!?! You can also pre-order products or ask to be contacted when a product comes back into stock if it is sold out.

Elese over at gave me this fab idea to share my top shops – so go and check out her favs – we have a few similar and different ones! And tell me, what are you favourite online beauty stores?