Trend Alert: Grey Hair – Yup I Went There!

Image from @beautyheaven
Image from @beautyheaven

Grey hair seems to be everywhere at the moment, I love it but I wondered, can I pull it off??! Before now it seemed to be a colour that you wouldn’t willingly dye your hair to be. Blonde, yes. Red, stunning. Purple, trendy, Green tips, so Kylie Jenner! But grey….  However it seems that going grey isn’t just for the ladies down at the local bridge club or RSA anymore!

I first spotted one of my favorite youtubers Samatha from Batalash rocking the ashy grey hair look. She looks stunning with it, but the thing is, she always looks stunning! I started to think about making a change from blonde to a grey more and more, but I couldn’t help thinking if it was just that I like the colour on her or whether I actually really liked the colour and would like it on myself. Has anyone else had that problem?

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I made the jump and booked my hair appointment with Dry & Tea Britomart through Flossie Concierge – have you used Flossie yet? It’s such a cool and easy service! I got my hair done at Dry & Tea City Depot before my ball this year and had such a great experience, so I knew that they were the right place to go for a transformation.

Dry & Tea Britomart is only a few weeks old now and it is just sooo beautiful. Just walking into the salon makes you feel pampered. I was quickly seated with a delicious cup of herbal tea to have a chat with my stylist about what I wanted. You know when you meet a girl in the bathroom of a club on a big night out and you instantly get along and are on the same page? It felt like that! It felt awesome that she was really excited about doing my hair and she exclaimed that it was so cool having someone coming in asking for something a bit different. That calmed any reservations I had about going grey and I also loved her ideas about giving my hair a really good trim and taking some of the extra weight I had on one side away.

The whole process took about two and a half hours and I am super pleased with the results. It’s funny getting use to a new hair colour isn’t it? It can be like an emotional roller coaster! I was in love with my hair the first day, then full of doubts the second after looking through old blonde photos of myself. But since then I am totally in love and I think I like it even more now than the first day since it’s kind of settled in a bit.

Now it’s time to focus on maintenance. Since my regrowth was bleached before being toned grey I am trying to keep my hair as moisturised as possible and I need to get a new purple shampoo to keep the colour fresh. I am also on a quest to wash my hair less – I have had greasy, oily hair for years and usually wash it every day, give or take an odd lazy sunday. Since getting my hair done I have cut down to one wash every two days and it isn’t even that bad!

sunny day fest
Me in the middle with one week old grey/silver hair

What do you think of the grey trend? Loving or loathing it?