Trick or Treat! Halloween Makeup ideas

halloween Trick or Treat is the theme of these awesome Halloween makeup ideas – will you go for something cute, sweet and be a total treat? Or are you going to go all out scary in a quick trick? I’ll be honest I am the type of person who usually goes for fairies, witches or cute animals but all the amazing SFX work I’ve seen lately is making me want to turn to the dark side. 

Halloween anne baker

These three looks are by California Based MUA Anne Baker. I love her range of looks and how she transforms herself from being Wednesday (which is a look so achievable with products you already have, no black lipstick? Use a crayon style black eyeliner), a pretty zombie and then a unique take on a skeleton.

Halloween Shaaanxo

Shaaanxo is known for her unique Halloween looks with GRWM videos or tutorials to go alongside. The clown with the all black contact lenses is sooo creepy and the double eyes look trips my eyes out like crazy.

halloween pro mist tamang

The transformations that Promise Tamang does are always mind blowing and so detailed, I feel like she is the Halloween queen with her makeup looks. The dark queen is scary but glamorous, super villain Scarlett Overkill from the Minions movie would be amazing if you had a few little ones to chase you around dressed as minions and the scarecrow is easy to do at home with your usual makeup products and a bit of orange and black face paint.

Halloween Samantha Ravndahl

I am in love with Samantha Ravndahl and my Halloween ideas post just wouldn’t be right if it didn’t have a Disney touch. The green is so eye catching and if you found the right head piece the rest of the outfit would be simple to put together.

Pop art zombie This pop art zombie on the left by Nicole Guerriero is intense and so effective. Kiwi MUA Rebekah Banks has created a pop art pirate zombie which I had never seen before! This look is so cute and clever all at the same time.

So, tell me! Which one is your favourite and what are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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