Violet Box – First Impressions!

violet box Violet Box is New Zealand’s newest beauty subscription company. After seeing a few girls chatting about it on MUO (Make Up Obsessives) I decided to give this whole beauty sample box thing a go. Violet Box offers a no lock -in monthly subscription for $25 plus shipping with 5+ products in every box. It also promises that you get a mix of boutique beauty brands as well as super popular and well-known beauty brands, with each box valued at $60+.

The no lock-in contract part is super appealing to me and also seeing brands like GHD, Lush and Argania on their brands list made me excited! When signing up I was a little concerned that there were also a lot of brands that I hadn’t heard of before (and I feel like I know the A – Z of beauty brands, so that’s a bit weird!), but I always love the chance to try out something new too.

Signing up was easy and my box arrived right on time. My package had been handled carefully and was packed with purple fluffy stuff for cushioning. In my box was 6 products, two were full sized products and the rest, sample size. There was also a handy card with a sneak peek of a product featuring in next months box and then all the product information for my samples on the other side.

Products inside the June box

♥ StyleSign Sleek Perfection – hair heat protection (sample size)

♥ Red Carpet Kolour – All over body glow lotion (sample size)

♥ Chella Brow Pencil (full size)

♥ John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals Super Wrinkle Cream (sample size)

♥ John Plunkett Glyco Peel – a night time exfoliator (sample size)

♥ Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow Quad (full size)

My thoughts!

Bearing in mind that this is first impressions before trying any of the products I was quite disappointed, none of the brands I was excited about were included in my box. In fact I didn’t recognise any of the product brands in this months box. However, in closer inspection the Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow Quad has some nice shades and the Chella Brow pencil seems a nice light brown shade and easy to use so I will definitely give both of them a go. I have sensitive/breakout prone skin and with a big event next weekend I wont be trying out the John Plunkett skin products, but might give them a try later on if I am feeling super brave (I am insanely loyal to my current skin care routine). The heat protectant I will give a go and same with the glow lotion, but looking at the size of the glow lotion packet I don’t think it will go far.

Have any of you tried Violet Box? What do you think of it and are your keeping up with your subscription? I think I’m going to get next months one and see how that one goes =)

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