The week I had to go makeup free

i woke up like this Last week I had to be completely makeup free. No BB Cream, no smoothing primer, not even any eye cream. I wish I could say it was because I was making some strong stance against womens image issues or making a point that we are all beautiful with or without makeup (we are!) or even doing it for charity. It wasn’t for anything cool like that, it was just for myself and my health. I have been plagued by some kind of mystery allergic reaction since I was about 16 years old, and of course it always appears at the worst of times. My eye feels a bit itchy and then bam! I wake up with swollen, puffy eyes which when they are really bad I can’t see properly. It sucks, like really sucks and it hit me last Sunday morning. After a doctors visit and a lot of medicine I am on the mend, but this time it’s taking a really long time for my eyes to go back to normal. I’ve gone from googley eyed goldfish to looking like I’ve been on some kind of week long drunk bender without any sleep. Hot right?

Along with the obvious health issue I’ve dealt with (doctors, blood tests, medicines) this has effected my whole look which I face the world with every single day – my daily makeup look. I figured that since I can’t wear eye makeup until they are all cleared up, then there’s no point really in wearing any makeup. So all week, apart from two very brief occasions, I haven’t worn the slightest bit of makeup. It surprisingly hasn’t been as horror-ful as I thought it would be, except I really miss makeup.

barbie with no makeup

This is the first time in my life I have gone to work without makeup. I wondered if people were going to say anything to me about it, but nope, only one young 14 year old boy was brave enough to say “miss, why no makeup?” – and that was after I had been makeup free all week. I got a few odd looks, one person asked me if I was feeling okay and a few people made comments on my bulging eyes. However, to be perfectly honest it seems that I am the only one that was concerned with my bare face, no one else gave a flying f*ck. Which is cool, like no one else should be concerned with my face anyway.

The one positive thing which came out of the week is that I realised going makeup free at work doesn’t equal the end of the world. So in future if I’m having a tough morning or just can’t be bothered – I think I’ll feel okay with rocking up with a bare face. It also helped me see that I wear makeup mainly for one reason – for me. In the past makeup for me was all about covering up imperfections and trying to fit in. Now It’s just because I love it, I like the way it enhances my features and adds to my look and style. I guess you could say I am much more comfortable with my skin now and have a healthier relationship with my use of makeup.

The worst part? And this is the honest truth, 3 days in with not a drop of anything on my face apart from my usual skin care routine and I broke out. Like the most pimples I’ve had in about four months. My skin has been the best it’s ever been lately and I try to treat it with some fresh air, bare skin happiness and that’s how it repays me. I’m pissed, my skin and I are having words, but I’m slowly getting better. elsa no makeup

I’m off to a specialist next week to be allergy tested, as after 7 years of getting this eye flare up a few times a year I am totally over it. I’d love to hear from anyone that’s had a similar issue – what have you done to cure it??