What cleans Beauty Blenders Best?


Cleaning Beauty Blenders can be tough work so I decided to test out two different cleaners to decide which cleans Beauty Blenders best! Even though I do clean mine quite regularly it seems to soak up sooo much makeup and dirt. Each time I clean it I don’t know whether to be totally grossed out or satisfied watching all the orange water pour down the drain.

In the past I’ve used dishwashing liquid, standard soap and shampoo, baby shampoo and tried out a few different makeup brush soaps and cleaners. I’ve used the Daiso ‘Detergent for puff and sponge’ to clean my Beauty Blenders and brushes for awhile now and am really happy with the results, however I discovered the E.L.F Brush Shampoo in my drawer and decided to try it out and see how they compare. I know that from the name the E.L.F shampoo clearly is created for washing brushes, but I can’t see why it couldn’t do both?

♥ Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge 

A small squeeze of this product with a bit of warm water and all the dirt and makeup is pulled out of my blender easily. It bubbles up quickly and seems to soak deep into my Beauty Blender, about a minute of rinsing and squeezing and my blender looks as good as new. I usually do almost like a second wash just to make sure with a final tiny squirt of detergent and last rinse. The liquid is see-through and a little thick.

Cost: $3.50 NZD

Scent: Just kind of plain, a little bit floral/soapy

Size: 80mls

Availability: Sold in Daiso Japan stores (my local is the Auckland CBD store), can also be found online on Amazon or on daisojapan.com if you live in America.

♥ E.L.F Brush Shampoo

I start with a small amount of the product spread over my blender and then begin my usual routine of squeezing and rinsing with warm water. The dirty water starts pouring out but not as quickly as with the Daiso soap, I find that I have to squeeze quite a bit more and harder to feel like I’m getting the makeup out. After about a minute or so I wasn’t pleased with how it looked so I added a second decent amount of product and washed the blender again. It looked pretty good in the end and smelt clean but maybe not squeaky clean.

Cost: $3.00 USD or $5 – $10 NZD at Kmart

Scent: Plain soap type smell

Size: 121 mls

Availability: It’s stocked at all Kmart stores and can be bought online from a range of stores including the official E.L.F online store eyeslipsface.com (if you’re in NZ you’ll need YouShop to get it here) and iherb.com which ships to NZ for reasonable prices.


In summary…. I really prefer the Daiso detergent because I think it gets deeper into my Beauty Blender cleaning it more throughly and in less time. However, I still think that that E.L.F Brush Shampoo is a decent cleaner for the price and amount of product you get. As I said before it is marketed as a brush shampoo and I did find it was a little thinner than the detergent so it maybe that it is great for brushes but just isn’t quite enough for thick Beauty Blenders.

What do you use to clean your Beauty Blenders?