What to buy from Sephora NZ

Sephora NZ

So Sephora is finally in NZ (in an online sense) and there’s no better way to celebrate than a bit of a haul, but what to buy from Sephora NZ? Today I have collated my favourites from Sephora NZ to help you fill up your shopping cart. 

I recently did quite a Sephora splurge while in Bangkok on holiday, so to start with you can click here to see what I bought. One important thing to note about Sephora NZ is that not all brands are available, so no Urban Decay, Eyeko, Too Faced or Glam Glow for example. But don’t let it get you down, because there’s still lots to love.

♥ Kat Von D

The famous tattoo artist has been taking the world by storm with her new makeup line. The packaging is sleek, the products are long wearing and highly pigmented and the shade ranges are huge. My top picks are the Shade + Light Contour Palette and the Studded Kiss Lipsticks.

Kat Von D Sephora

♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills

I have used nothing but Anastasia products on my brows for about two years now. There’s a range for everyone, whether you want just a quick brow pencil or a more full dramatic look. Sephora NZ stocks the full range of shades so you can experiment a bit too. I’ve used three different shades at different times, ‘blonde’, ‘taupe’ and ‘auburn’. I’ve got a few tips for keeping your Anastasia products in perfect working order – check them out here!

♥ Sephora Collection

The Sephora Collection has a huge range of makeup products and tools, from basics to more out there shades. I like their products because they are simple and decent quality, in particular their single eyeshadows are highly pigmented and long lasting. They also have a large range of different face masks to suit all different skin types. I picked up a few of their sleep masks and eye masks recently, perfect for when you’ve had a few late nights!

Sephora Haul Bangkok

♥ Benefit Cosmetics

Although Benefit was already available in NZ being on Sephora NZ makes it even more accessible. If you are new to Benefit trying out one of their super cute little box kits can be a good way to test out a few different products at a cheaper price. My favourite Benefit product is the Hoola Bronzer.

Shipping Info

At the moment shipping is free if you spend $75 or more (which isn’t difficult) and although all products are sent from Singapore it seems like by looking across social media people are getting their packages pretty quick! You can also sign up to their loyalty program called ‘Sephora Beauty Pass’ which gives you discounts and bonuses depending on how much you spend and what level you are as a member.

So, have you already done a Sephora haul or are you still filling up your wish list? I’d love to hear what everyones experiences have been using the site so far!

Sephora.nz and Kat Von D image from the sephora.nz website