What to do when your skin turns on you…

dheaYour skin is supposed to be your buddy right? Like your best friend, being smooth, bright and looking after all that gooey stuff inside. But what happens when it just up and changes on you?!? For better or for worse, it’s weird having to get use to a change when your skin has been the same type for a while. My personal experience has been quite a big transition to get used to. I’ve gone from very oily skin with high shine and acne from all the way back to when I was about 12 years old, – to recently much more normal but still sensitive skin, with smaller hormonal breakouts and even some odd dry patches, what the! If you are going through a similar transition have a look at my little tips below, and let me know how you get on!

  1. Have a skin analysis session: No one knows your skin better than you, but even then we can overlook things. Take off your make up, get a good mirror and totally check yourself out. Look for where the physical changes have happened and what’s really going on – the more information you have the easier it will be to sort out what to do next.
  1. Check your diary: we all know that external and internal factors can hugely effect the way our skin looks, so have you been doing anything differently lately? Things like drinking more or less water, changing cleansers, being stressed or using a new foundation can all add towards the changes in your skin. Also think about how long you have been experiencing these changes for. You want to be sure that it is a longer term change rather than just slightly duller skin from an epic weekend before you go and change everything up.
  1. Get some advice: depending on the change go and get some advice and help from the pro’s! Whether it’s your best friend who has a similar situation, your mum, the local chemist or the girls at a skin care stand. But please if you think it is something serious, quite strange or possibly linked to another health issue, go and see your doctor ASAP. Most of the time they have fabulous skin advice and secret tips too.
  1. Start using products and processes that suit your new skin type: I am always nervous using new face products, so tend to stick to things that are on the more natural ingredients side. However, even worse would be always staying with the same old skincare routine and not giving your skin what it needs. Feel free to make the change over slowly if you’re nervous, or just make smaller changes at first. I changed to a gentle wash (Lush – Angels on bare skin) rather than my acne specific one and a spot treatment for my small breakouts, so I can treat the areas where the problems exactly are and not my whole face. I also decided that perhaps my skin being less oily was a sign of getting old – ffffffff!!!!!! So I have started using rose hip oil now and then at night. You may find that you also want to try a new foundation to better suit your needs too.
  1. Love your skin: When my skin was really bad I use to wish that humans were kind of like snakes and we got opportunities to shed our skin, where underneath we had beautiful, soft baby skin again – yup, a bit creepy I know, but wouldn’t that be kind of awesome! Now I have learnt to accept my skin, be kind to it and treat it with what it needs. It just takes a bit of time and effort, and you really do get out what you put in.