What’s a lash perm?

lash perm

Have you heard of a lash perm? They seem to be becoming even more popular than lash extensions. We all remember the hair perms of the 80’s – but the results of a lash perm or curl are much more fashionable, I promise! Last week I decided to give it a try and I am crazy happy with the results.

The idea of a lash lift, perm or curl (depending on your desired effect) is to kind of shape your lashes in a different way to normal to make them appear fuller and as if you have used a eye lash curler to give them that nice shape. My therapist recommended a lash curl for my lashes to really give them a lift and open up my eyes.

As you close your eyes your lashes are kind of wrapped round a little sticky rod and then a special solution is applied and left to set. Wikipedia explains that this solution “breaks and reforms the bonds of the hair” meaning that the hairs inner structure is softened, the hair swells and stretches and moulds to the shape that it is in curled round the rod. My therapist applied three different solutions in total to my lashes at different times.

The whole time you just lie with your eyes closed and relax. It’s really important that you do keep your eyes closed as you don’t want any of the solution getting into your eyes. When you finally do open your eyes you can have a bit of a stinging sensation (I did), however it can be quickly fixed with a wipe or even better some eye drops of saline. As soon as I had a drop or two in my eyes the stinging was gone and it wasn’t painful at all!

lash perm
Lash perm results from myfatpocket.com

The whole process probably took around half an hour and after my lash curl I got my lashes tinted a perfect black/blue shade. The treatment of the curl and tint has really made a difference! I look like I’m wearing a few coats of a good mascara with no makeup on at all. This is great for me as some of you know my skin can be a bit sensitive and I suffer from dermatitis around my eyes at times. The process didn’t upset my eyes, lashes or skin at all and now I can wear no mascara if my eyes are a little irritated and still have fabulous looking lashes.

Lash curls are said to last 8-10 weeks and I’m unsure how long my tint will last, but I know I’ll definitely be back to get it done again as soon as I need it. I’ve had tints before which have looked good, but this combination is just perfect and maintance  free.

I got mine done at Lash Noir at City Works Depo in Auckland and was super impressed, I’ll be going back there for sure! Click here to check them out

Lash Noir