‘What’s in her bag?’ #2 – Featuring my bestie Melissa!

Mel Bag

You know how when you were young you always, always wished that your best friend lived next door? Melissa and I are literally living that dream! After becoming friends on our first day of intermediate school (we saved each other from being total loners), and 13 years later we are still super tight and since last Christmas, neighbors!!

Melissa always impresses me with the amount of lip products she has in her bag at any given time. If I want to try out a new shade there’s almost no need for a department store, I just need to ask Mel what she’s got in her bag. She is also insanely talented at doing her makeup while on a morning commuter bus. In fact she is so good at it that I think she deserves an award – and if anyone’s wondering the most perfect prize in the world for Melissa would be a little puppy pug.

IMG_20140719_162220 ♥ 1. How long have you had your bag for and where did you get it from?

I’ve had my bag for a couple of years now.  It’s Kathy Van Zeeland and I bought it online.  I love her funky and edgy designs!

♥ 2. What is the one product or thing that you can’t walk out of the house without?

I would have to say lipstick!  I always carry a plethora of lip products in my bag as I believe a pop of colour on the lips brightens up a whole look.

♥ 3. Do you prefer to travel light or have everything and anything you might need on you at all times?

Most of the time I like to have everything on me!  I like to be prepared if I have to change from a day to a night time look.

♥ 4. How often do you clean out your bag and wallet?

I clean my bag and wallet out every couple of weeks.  I should probably clear it out more often so I don’t end up carrying around 20 different lipsticks!

♥ 5. List five must have products to always have in a hand bag.

  • Lipstick (one in every colour!)

  • Lipgloss (my favourite is MAC Pro Longwear in Full Speed Ahead)

  • Roll on perfume (I am loving Friction by FCUK)

  • Body lotion (I am currently carrying around Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent)

  • Nail polish (the same colour you are wearing for quick touch ups)

Watch this space because I still have more amazing bags and beauties to come!!!!