What’s coming in, when summers out!

I know none of us want to admit it, but with a much darker and slightly colder Waitangi day yesterday, it’s clear that in no time at all Autumn will be just around the corner. I personally really enjoy that change over from summer trends to the more frostier months. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE all the pinks, pastels and brights which summer brings, but I also have a soft spot for those deeper matte shades which appear towards winter. Below are my trend picks for the Autumn months, let me know if you think I’m spot on or soo wrong!

Navy Blue Eye Liner


Midnight blue liquid eyeliner has been a favourite of mine for a little while now. It has that classic dark look but with a hint of colour surprise. I think this will become a must have look – a simple but sleek navy blue winged liner, with any kind of block coloured, dark clothing ensemble. My pick is liquid liner in midnight by e.l.f.

Berry lips

You know that amazing lip stain you get when you eat a raspberry popsicle? Yup! That colour! When everyone is wearing blacks, greys and dark khaki greens, the pop of colour will be on the lips. Expect touch of berry purples and much darker, verging on gothic purple shades (Lorde at the Grammys rocked it well!).

bold browsBold brows

Bold, statement brows are here to stay and those lines will be as sharp as ever. I actually just can’t get enough of the brows. There will be more of a focus on maintaining those natural features, regular eye brow shaping and light tinting. Like the saying goes “never trust anyone with bad brows”.

Chocolate nails

Warm mocha and chocolate nail shades are my picks for the winter months. Less predictable than black, more exciting than dark blue or grey. Deep reds will make an appearance too. Although, I will still be wearing my all time favourite colder season polish ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ by OPI. It’s a dark wine coloured purple, which I can never be without.


Dewy Skin


Natural, no make up make up without the fuss of overdone bronzer and only the lightest hint of blusher. A light dewy feel will win over matte looks. Vogue UK suggests well groomed, velvety skin carefully prepared with foundation before being set with a veil of powder. I think we will see an influx of skin finishing products on the market, it keeps make up in place during those blustery days and helps freshen it up. My pick: Lioele Fresh Dewy Mist, Make up fixer, $26 here

Accessories wise I’m thinking big gorgeous chunky scarf’s, balanced out with tightly fitted pants and low heeled ankle boots.

I love summer, but there is just something about rainy days and over-sized sweaters! Let me know what your Autumn predictions are below!

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