What’s your eye shape? #shapematters

eyeshape Round? Hooded? Almond? Deep set? Wide set? Have you ever put much though into what kind of shape your eyes exactly are? Or what about styling your eye make up to flatter and further enhance the natural shape of your eyes? Me – I hadn’t really had any deep and meaningfuls about it before, when applying eye make up I always tend to follow the natural lines with my eyes. I apply shadow to my lid and crease, blend out to my often highlighted brow bone, and sometimes I apply white liner to my water line and inner corner to make my eyes look bigger, but never black eye liner fully around my eye (usually only as top liner and maybe a smudge on the bottom) as it makes them look much smaller. Reading this, I obviously subconsciously consider the shape and size of my eye without really thinking about it – but now there’s a new tool to help us really make the most of the eyes that we got given!

Smashbox cosmetics have launched the #shapematters campaign along with the release of their stunning Full Exposure Palette ( I really, really want to make this purchase!). Stating that just as we dress to flatter our body types, eye make up should be applied based on our eye shape. And if you ask me, it totally makes sense – we shape our brows depending on our face shape, gloss our lips depending on their size and contour depending on the angles of our faces, it’s time to pay more attention to the eyes!



Click here to go through to the Smashbox full exposure website to take a quick quiz on what shape your eyes exactly are. You can chose to do it with a photo of yourself or just answer the questions. Once you find your shape help and tips are at hand! There’s Youtube clips with tutorials to show you how to really flatter your eye shape, handy hints and images of day, night and dramatic looks perfectly suited to your own eye shape. Super cool!

I have done the quiz twice now, once with a photo and once with out. The first time I got ‘almond eyes’ and the second ’round eyes’ – looking at the images for both eye shapes, I see I am a mixture of the two, so I have lots of looks to play around with. I strongly suggest when selecting a picture that you chose one which is as clear as possible and has you looking straight on to the camera, for the best results!

round and almond eye

So what eye shape have you got? And what are your top tips for enhancing and flattering your shape and style?
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ppo52SchAk?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Info from www.smashboxfullexposure.com