Why do I always buy the same shade of lipstick?

pink lipstick

Why do I always buy the same shade of lipstick? And come to think of it, most of my blushers are exactly the same shade too! I can’t figure out if this is totally on purpose or if I just completely forget that I already have about a trillion products in this barbie pink shade already when I’m out shopping. Bet you can guess what my favourite colour is!

I’ve always had a thing for pink, I think it’s pretty, girly, and happy and I also know that certain shades of pink are flattering on me – so is this why I always tend towards pink makeup products? I’ve done a little research and it seems that naturally we are always prone to picking certain colours over other colours and it’s all linked to “deeply rooted emotional responses” (Psychology Today, 2015). Pink makes me feel good, so in that way I can see why I would naturally be drawn to a colour which makes me feel good and looks good. Of course, what looks like a beautiful colour to someone can be the ugliest colour in the world to another – colour selection is super personal. Some studies also suggest that colour preferences can be linked to cultural influences, again connecting with our emotional triggers.



Looking at colour selection from a business point of view, different use of colours can attract a certain type of customer. Pink is known for being girly and feminine (cute pink packaging gets me every time), the colour green often makes people think of the environment and health, gold is elegant and symbolises wealth (business2community, 2013). If I think about health product packaging, the colour green straight away comes to mind. Also, if you think about a lot of recent limited edition makeup releases or luxe brands gold is a common colour for packaging.

up the amp MAC

For me it also seems it not just pink, but also a certain shade of purple. Maybe I’ve realised I really do have too much pink and have just moved on to another shade? You might have seen my post on how I bought MAC’s ‘Men Love Mystery’ and then realised it was almost exactly the same as my beloved ‘Up The Amp’ (click here to check it out if you didn’t!)

So what do you think, are you natural attracted to one particular shade in your life and when you buy makeup?