Why puppies and makeup go together like peanut butter and jelly

cute puppy

Puppies and makeup are a really good combination. Like bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly or the way your foundation glides smoothly onto your skin when you find the perfect primer to match it. Puppies are man’s best friend and I consider makeup as girl’s best friend, it’s a perfect combination. Although makeup has been in my life since I was about 11 or 12 and Yeezus, my cute miniature pomeranian is only two years old, I still love them both equally. Here are my reasons why being a dog owner is awesome, and even more awesome when you are obsessed with makeup.

♥ You always have a buddy to share your new makeup hauls with

Puppy’s get just as excited as you at unwrapping packages and opening boxes. They will gladly help you tear open that wrapping and pull that ribbon. They also won’t get bored with you inspecting, swatching and  swooning over your new makeup because they will be busy playing in the empty boxes or chewing the cardboard packaging.

♥ They make a great audience for your daily makeup tutorials when you suddenly turn into a YouTuber

We’ve all had that moment when we are enjoying ourselves and taking our time applying makeup, when all of a sudden your in a little beauty YouTuber moment. “Okay, so today I’m starting with my MAC Studio Fix foundation in NW15, I’m going for a natural look today but I want a medium to full finish” as you chat to the mirror and hold your foundation bottle in a way that a camera could focus on the label. Your dog makes the perfect audience for this kind of chatter! You can guarantee that your pet won’t give you a thumbs down and if they could they would totally subscribe to your channel and be your biggest fan.

♥ Puppy’s are always down to give you a second opinion

Whether you can’t decide on what eyeshadow shade to use or if your lipstick choice is too bold for work, you puppy can be there to give you their opinion. Maybe it’s two barks for yes and one for no, or if they go for your Naked palette on the left or the Stila single shadow on the right. It’s handy to have someone around to help you out without having to send a snap to a friend.

dog and laptop

♥ They keep you company while you’re online shopping and don’t make judgey faces when you click ‘buy’

Dogs can be so much more understanding about the new palette that you need. Much more understanding than parents and boyfriends.

Pomeranian Naked 3 ♥ You’ll never be all made up with nowhere to go ever again

A dog can be a perfect excuse to do your makeup and go out somewhere, because you know dogs need to get out and about too. Next time you decide to try out a new look and then have nowhere to go just take your dog out for a fun afternoon! Visit the beach, a park, a cafe or even a dog friendly bar.

♥ Dogs make the perfect selfie companions

Nothing says ‘I’m looking like a total babe and I’m a caring person because look, I’m an animal lover’ like a selfie with your puppy pal.

♥ The smell of MAC lipsticks excites them just as much as it excites you

I can’t say this for all dogs, but my puppy Yee loves that delicious vanilla scent just like I do, so we can glory at it together. Just don’t let them lick it.