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A recent sudden desire to wear false eye lashes to an event on the weekend inspired my first XO Beauty Haul from Shaaanxo. I have always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to try out her lash range but I’m not a huge false lash person. My sensitive eyes mean there’s few opportunities to safely layer my eyes in lash eye and on the most part I have always found falsies trying and just too fiddley.

The false eyelash struggle is real, like if I am crying in frustration while doing my makeup you know I’m probably attempting false lashes. However, there were no tears or tantrums this time round!

I grabbed one pair of ‘the romantic lashes’, one tube of white Duo glue and one pack of the original Shaaanxo hair ties. I really should have looked up one of her videos showcasing the different lashes to pick which ones I wanted, but these ones just looked super pretty and I like the way they tapered down much shorter towards the inner corner of the lash. I went with the Duo glue because I’ve used it before and it’s good stuff. My friend tried to convince me that the black glue is the way to go, but I could just see major dramas happening with that. I am a huge fan of the elastic style hair bands, they are the only kind I use so just thought I should give Shaan’s a go while I was there. My order came to $31.98 including shipping.

My package arrived the day after I ordered it online! Incredible! This is what shipping should be like with every company, so gigantic thumbs up right from the start. Everything was packaged carefully and protected with bubble wrap.

XO beauty lashes
Image from XObeauty.com – click to link through to the site!

When it came to my big eyelash requiring night out I was blown away with just how easy it was to apply these lashes. These are seriously the easiest to apply lashes I have ever tried. I swiped some glue on my hand, dabbed the lash base in the glue making sure there was a little extra on each end. This is when I noticed that the lash base is clear which I really like. I let the glue dry a little until it was tacky and gently placed in on my lash line with a pair of tweezers. One eye I got on my first attempt, see miracles do happen! The second I had to replace once just because it needed to go in towards my inner corner more. No trimming, no pain, no drama, no tears.

Once set in place It was like the lashes weren’t even there, although looking in the mirror it was clear they were as I had lovely, long, full lashes. They stayed perfectly in place all night through some major raving and dancing. And when it came to the end of the night I was able to pull them off easily without any soreness or irritation. I am so, so impressed.

My hair ties are also holding up well. I’m currently using the polka dot one and after three days of use it hasn’t stretched and the knot hasn’t come loose (I hate it when the knot starts slipping when the band is still relatively new).

You can check out my finds as long as the rest of the range at xobeauty.com – the products are great and their customer service was crazy good.

Have you tried any of Shaaanxo’s lashes?