Blender Cleanser Solid Review

beauty blender cleanser

When I started using a Beauty Blender it changed my life, so I had high hopes that the Blender Cleanser Solid would be another life changer and up my makeup brush cleaning game. The Blender Cleanser Solid is a makeup sponge and brush cleaner created by the Original Beauty Blender company, so it’s almost like a best buddy for your Beauty Blender.

I find that my Blender definitely works best when it’s clean and not clogged up with old makeup so I try to clean it frequently (also I know it’s much better for my skin.) But, let’s be honest cleaning makeup sponges and brushes isn’t super fun and is one of those tasks which is easily left till “tomorrow”, so having a cleanser/cleaner/shampoo which is effective and easy to use is important. Therefore I’ve tried many!

♥ First impressions, I really like the bright white packaging and how compact the container is. The directions are super straight forward (well it is really just a soap) and it comes with an extra hot pink tool which can be used as a scrubbing platform for brushes or as a little platform to dry your Beauty Blender or Blender Cleanser Solid on. On the Blender Cleanser is $16.00 USD, on it’s $29.00 NZD and on it’s $48.00 NZD with an original Beauty Blender. I bought mine at Sephora in Thailand, you can see my big haul here.

Blender Cleanser Solid

♥ On first use I decided to leave the soap sitting in it’s container rather than using it as a loose bar of soap and twist and rub my brush’s bristles into the product to clean them. I wet my brush, rub it around on the cleanser and work it into a lather and then gentle rub and massage the brush while I rinse it out. The cleanser easily gets in between the hairs and does a good job. Only my two most dirty brushes needed a second lather up.

♥ Then to clean my Beauty Blender I tried to get the soap out but it was kind of suctioned in the container, so I just wet the sponge rolled it around on the soap so that each part lathered up a bit and then rinsed and squeezed it out under the tap. In this case though I had to repeat the process about five times until the water started to run clear. It seems like the soap wasn’t really getting deep into my Beauty Blender even though I was massaging it in… frustrating!!!

♥Now that I’ve used it a couple of times I have had the same kind of situation happen, works well and fast on my brushes but not as effective with my Beauty Blender. Which is weird because this is exactly what it’s made for. I much prefer to use my super cheap Daiso Brush Shampoo (which you can see here) on my blender because it gets the dirt out faster. Also, the soap is still stuck in the container, it’s okay for me because that’s how I like to use it, but it might pay to ensure that the soap and the inside of the container is clean before you store it each time so that it doesn’t happen to you.

♥ Major bonuses are that the soap has a really mild scent and is very gentle on your skin (no dry or wrinkly hands afterwards!) Also, although I never used the pink platform as a scrubbing tool because it’s too flimsy for me it works perfectly as a stand to dry your Beauty Blender on. I even place my Blender on it on my makeup desk each day.

Beauty Blender Pink

Have you tried the Blender Cleanser? What do you use to clean your Beauty sponges?