Why everyone is so obsessed with Korean Beauty products

korean beauty products

Everyone is so obsessed with Korean Beauty products! And I can easily see why! It’s not that they are new on the scene, in fact Korean beauty brands have been creating break through products and starting trends for years. However, products which were originally created for Asian markets are now more accessible and in huge demand all over the world. I’ve been dabbling myself in Korean beauty products and trends for a little while now after seeing them pop up online, discovering a few great K-beauty online stores and also shopping up a storm during my Asia holidays. So, if you aren’t quite sure what all the hype is about I’m about to fill you in faster than you can fill up a shopping cart of Tony Moly. 

♥ The packaging is so damn cute!

Korean beauty products are often inspired by adorable animals or popular cartoon type characters, creating the cutest and most amazing kinds of packaging and containers. The Gudetama range is one of Holika Holika’s latest releases and is a perfect example of creative packaging. Gudetama is a character who is a cracked open egg and is described as ‘whiney and unmotivated’, he is also a friend of Hello Kitty. The range features this grumpy yet cute character on cushion foundations, lip products, face masks and nail stickers. gudetama holika Tony Moly is another brand which is known for its theming and packaging. They have a collection of fruit and animal themed ranges including panda creams, bunny mists, perfume bars and lip glosses and tomato face creams and masks. They recently released their Pokemon collaboration featuring all your favourite catches.

♥ It’s affordable

Generally Korean beauty products are really affordable. You can get a range of products from different brands at pretty decent prices, and this doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. In fact Korean brands do a great job of making a cheaper product look and feel totally luxurious. Many Korean beauty websites also sell sample sized products for super cheap so you can try something out before you invest in it. The only issue is that on depending where you live if you are buying online you may have to factor in shipping costs, but a lot of great online stores ship for free! You can check out my favourite online Korean beauty stores at the end of this post. korean beauty

♥ They cater for paler skin tones and include sun protection

Those of you who often find that the usual porcelain and ivory shades are still way too dark will be able to find a perfect match much more easily with a Korean foundation or BB cream. Catering for much lighter skin tones also means that most face products include a reasonably high SPF which in my opinion is always a bonus. Most Korean face products will also include a range of ingredients to help fight certain skin issues. My two favourite BB Creams are the Maybelline Super BB cream (only available in Thailand and Singapore) which includes SPF 50 and is said to include a mineral guard filter for external pollutants, and Lioele’s Triple the Solution BB which includes SPF 30 along with ingredients to smooth skin, fill in fine lines and fade acne marks.

♥ The products are amazingly innovative

The Asian beauty market is responsible for bringing us BB creams and other incredible products which the western world have actually been pretty slow to catch on to. Skin care routines which use the best natural ingredients along with the newest skin technology, peel off lip and eye brow tints to give long lasting colour, sheet masks, snail creams and foot treatments which literally eat away at dead skin (I tried it!). Korean beauty brands are never afraid of putting something new out there. pokemon tonymoly I have a few Korean beauty products which have become essentials in my collection and I just love trying out their new products. Especially tools and ideas which I haven’t ever seen before. Please comment below with your favourite Korean products so I can try them out! Otherwise, if you’re ready to jump in, here’s a list of my favourite Korean beauty online stores:

♥ BeautynetKorea – ships to NZ for free, offers discounts for members, sells sample size versions of products and sends free samples with each purchase. By far my favourite store to use!

♥ iherb – has a large range of well priced Korean beauty products, ships around the world with a selection of shipping methods.

♥ Yesstyle – huge range of products, ships around the world

♥ Hikosencara – NZ based online store, reasonable range of products with good sales!

♥ Memebox – huge range of products, they also sell themed subscription style boxes which are a good way to try out a range of new products.

♥ Makeup.co.nz – NZ based online store which stocks Lioele, fast shipping and it’s free if you spend over $50. They regularly have good sales!

Disclamer: top image credit to stylecaster.com, post may contain affiliate links. All opinions of my own.