five adorable cat themed cosmetics

cat themed cosmetics

Going to the makeup section of a department store can get pretty overwhelming.  There are so many products to choose from.  You’d need to spend hours to take a look at them all (sometimes I do!).  In that respect, Asian makeup does better than western brands.  A lot of collections have adorable and eye-catching packaging.

Since I’m a cat lover, one way to get me to buy a product is to put some cute cat art on the box.  If the product itself has some feline qualities, even better.  Laura has kindly invited to share some of my favorite cat themed cosmetic items on her blog.

Today’s post is a guest post by Anne from catobsessed.comIf you are a cat fan or even a cartoon cat fan (she’s posted about some awesome Hello Kitty themed snacks) I would definitely recommend having a look at her blog! Also, have a look at the bottom of this post for more about Anne and her cats! – Laura x

♥ Holika Holika x Audrey Jeanne – Heartful Gel Tint Bar

Holika Holika is a very well known Korean makeup brand. But you probably haven’t heard of Audrey Jeanne before.  Who is she?  Audrey Jeanne is a French illustrator specialising in adorable cat drawings.  The Dodo Cat Heartful Gel Tint Bar from their collaboration line is a glossy lip stain with a super cute heart-shaped stick.  It’s almost too cute to use!

dodo cat gel tint bar

♥ Etude House – Laugh Lines Care Patch

Etude House is my favorite Asian makeup brand, hands down.  I have very sensitive skin and it never causes a reaction for me.  Another reason to love it is the number of cat-themed mini face masks they’ve released.  Unlike regular sheet masks, these target specific problem areas.  For example, the Laugh Lines Care Patch is designed to firm and moisturize your smile lines.  Definitely something I need as I’m getting older (and smile a lot).

♥ Miss Hana x Choo Choo Cat – Perfume Rollers

I have long been a fan of the Choo Choo Cat series from Korean company Jetoy.  They are a series of adorable kitty drawings which can be found on postcards, purses, teacups and pretty much everything in souvenir shops in Seoul.  And now you can get Choo Choo Cat makeup too, thanks to a collaboration with Miss Hana. I may be biased towards the Choo Choo brand because I think the main character looks like my pet Saus (you can see her photo at the top of this post).  The series includes two varieties of floral perfume rollers – Sweet Blossom and Floral Freesia.  By the way, check out their advert for cute overload!

max in pocket lip balm

♥ Too Cool For School – Max in Pocket Lip Balm

I have seen a lot of Too Cool For School stores in Seoul but it doesn’t seem to be as widely known overseas.  The Max in Pocket lip balm comes in an adorable tub with a cat face on top.  I guess he must be Max!  He looks a little bit shifty, don’t you think?  The colors are Dolly Dolly, Pink Pink and Kiss Kiss.  It’s formulated with shea butter for a deep moisturizing feel.

♥  My Scheming – Hello Kitty Sheet Masks

Despite the brand name, My Scheming is a specialist in beauty facial masks from Taiwan.  They have released a number of Hello Kitty masks which come in sweet pastel packaging.  Your options are: Black Pearl Brightening Mask, Snail Essence Moisturizing Mask and Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask.  Hydrating masks are my favorite because I have very dry skin.  I do them about once per week unless I need extra TLC.

hello kitty sheet mask

Annie C blogs at  She lives in Australia with her husband and two very fluffy felines.  Apart from cats, Anne loves traveling, DIYing and all things cute.

Images supplied by Annie.