Kailijumei lipstick

Kailijumei flower lipstick

My Kailijumei Lipstick finally arrived! Can you believe there’s a real flower inside this?! These lipsticks, which come in a range of four shades, are definitely some of the prettiest and most unique lipsticks I have ever seen. The clear, almost jelly-look product is full of little gold flecks with what is said to be a real flower at the base. On contact with your skin the lipstick changes to its shade. Which in my case is ‘Barbie Doll Powder’, a glossy light pink.

I was pretty sceptical about what this lipstick was actually going to be like, as it all seemed a bit too good to be true. But I have to say I am pretty impressed. The lipstick packaging is nice, although it includes a terribly blurry mirror. It has a push/pop release for the lipstick which I like. The lipstick itself is actually a little shorter than an average lipstick, but it really does look just as pretty as in the photos online

Kailijumei lipstick

On contact with my skin and lips the ‘Barbie Doll Powder’ shade instantly shows up as a nice light pink. It’s quite a build-able colour which can go from a very subtle hint of pink to a brighter look. A few websites say that the colour will be lighter or darker depending on the temperature of your lips at the time, and therefore the shade could change whilst your wearing it. I am yet to really noticed any drastic colour change though. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much in regards to the actual shade of the lipstick, I thought it would be more of a novelty product than something to use a lot. But I can see i’ll be getting a good amount of use out of it, especially with the warmer months coming up!

kailijumei lipstick barbie doll powder

I bought my Kailijumei lipstick through Daily Do. It’s not a site I usually use but my mum had seen the deal online and sent it through to me. The lipsticks there were $15.oo NZD each including free shipping, and at the time the lipsticks were sold out on the official Kailijumei website, so it was a good find. They are now sold out with Daily Do but you can either order or pre-order them from Kailijumei directly. There’s a few different lipsticks, including some packs and limited edition releases on the site. My lipstick on the official website is selling for $25.00 USD

Overall, I’m nicely surprised by Kailijumei. It’s a pretty product which is more than just a novelty. I’m not sure I would buy more than one though.

Have you tried out any of the Kailijumei range?