Sephora Collection mask review

sephora mask A Sephora Collection mask review of the products I picked up during my last trip to Bangkok has been highly requested, so today I’m sharing with you my thoughts on the Sephora Collection Sleeping Mask and the Sephora Collection Eye Mask. In my big haul (which you can see and read about here) I picked up a Green Tea Eye Mask and an Avocado Eye Mask along with an Avocado and a Pomegrante Sleeping Mask. I had never tried a sleeping face mask before and was really keen to experience some calming and fresh feelings under my worn out eyes – so into the basket they went!

sephora haul 2016

♥ Price: They cost me around $3-ish each (NZ Dollars but paying in Thai Baht), on they are priced at $5.00 USD for the eye mask and $4.00 USD for the sleeping mask. On New Zealand Sephora the eye masks are shockingly $15.00 each – however there’s a five pack for $12.00 (I don’t understand how those prices quite work out), and the sleeping masks are $4.00. There’s a range of different ones for different skin types e.g Ginseng for brightening.

♥ Eye Masks: Some of you may already know that I sometimes suffer from dermatitis around my eyes, so many products I use in that area have to be gentle and soothing. I found the Green Tea Eye Masks exactly that. They felt so nice and cooling under my eyes and were moist but not so wet that the liquid was dripping down my cheeks. The packet recommends to leave them on for fifteen minutes, but I left mine on for about half an hour. Afterwards my under eye and also surrounding eye area felt moisturised, soothed and cool. I like the fact that the feeling lasted for about 24 hours and I had no puffiness in the morning under my eyes which I usually have a little of. These are definitely something I would re-purchase and maybe try a few more of the other types, but maybe not at the current NZD price.

♥ Sleeping Masks: So I didn’t know what a sleeping mask was, but turns out it’s kind of just like a treatment which you apply as a thin layer over your face and then leave on over night to soak in, which is just how I treat my nightly moisturiser anyways. The product goes onto the face clear so you don’t have to be a green monster all night long and is a gel-like texture. It feels light and moisturising and doesn’t feel sticky on your face. In the morning I found that it had all soaked in and I didn’t have any residue to specifically wash off and my skin felt good! It was soft, moisturised and a bit of redness I had due to a mini breakout seemed to have gone away. Both the avocado and the pomegranate one gave me the same kind of results.

Sephora sleeping mask
This is how much was left after one application

I’m not sure if the little pottles are meant to be a one use thing, but once I had applied a thin layer to my face I still had heaps left – you can see exactly how much in the photo above. I covered the remaining product up and used it again a few nights later with still a decent amount left. I would say you can probably get about five uses out of each one. I will repurchase these as it gave good results and also one sleeping mask lasts a decent amount of uses. I just wish it was packaged a bit differently so they were more hygienic to keep over a longer period of time.

Have you tried any of the Sephora Collection masks? Also, what do you think of eye masks and sleeping masks, into them? Or think they are unnecessary?