Things I keep buying over and over again

top beauty favourites No matter how many products I try and buy there are certain things that I keep buying over and over again, why? Because they are damn good! Isn’t it funny that even when you have quite a selection of products to choose from there will always be that one that you’ll choose first over the others.

♥ Lioele triple the solution BB cream

I’ve tried a lot of BB creams and I currently own quite a few too, but no matter what I always end up restocking this one as soon as it runs out. This is top of the tops! It’s got perfect medium coverage without being heavy, high sun protection and is such a smooth, easy to apply texture (in fact the tube even states that it is “as smooth as yogurt”). One tube lasts a super long time so at the price of $28 – $35 depending on where you find it it’s an affordable buy. You can find Lioele online at, and

♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products

Anastasia is the queen of eye brows and nothing else gets my eye brows looking so good in such little time. I have used Brow Whiz and Dip Brow for a year or so now and nothing else I’ve tried compares. The wide range of shades means there is something to match everyone and also the two different types of application (crayon pencil and gel) allow for different looks. I use my Brow Whiz for more natural everyday looks by lightly outlining my brow and then thickening them with light strokes in the direction of my hairs. I turn to my Dip Brow when I need something longer lasting, slightly more bold and waterproof. Seriously nothing else compares! 

MAC lipsticks

♥ MAC lipsticks

They definitely aren’t the most long lasting, but I just can’t get over the scent, colour range, texture and packaging of MAC lipsticks. There’s something about that little black bullet shape and vanilla smell that gets me super excited. No matter what finish you get they are never drying or flakey which is important to me and the colours are just perfect. My ultimate favourite shades are Saint Germain and Up The Amp, my MAC lipsticks are a little piece of makeup luxury.

♥ Eye of Horus liquid liner

Now I’m not sure if this counts as I actually haven’t repurchased this one in awhile, but I have asked myself so many times why not, because it is the easiest liquid eye liner I have ever used. This felt tip pen style liner is super black and is the liner I used to practice my perfect wing. Eye of Horus are also cruelty free which is a total bonus. If I haven’t purchased a new one of these within a few weeks someone needs to slap me!

♥ Fudge Purple Shampoo

A bottle of this should be automatically handed out each time someone gets their hair dyed blonde. I’ve tried so many other purple shampoos and no matter what I always regret not just buying Fudge and always end up using this one. I’ve tried cheaper, more expensive, less strong, more strong and this one is seriously the best. One bottle will last you awhile as it isn’t necessary to use this shampoo each time you wash and you can cater to your blonde needs by using is on dry hair, wet hair, only on specific areas or as a longer leave in product for intense toning. If you are a fellow blonde haired lass click here to read my other hair care tips.  Purple shampoo is perfect if you’ve gone for on trend grey too.

ELF Brushes

♥ E.L.F makeup brushes

You can’t get brushes this good for so cheap anywhere else. The E.L.F studio brushes (black handles) are some of the best brushes I have ever used as well as the best priced. I use my Studio Complexion Brush every day to apply my setting powder, the stippling brush is soft but dense enough to give a flawless coverage, the eye shadow brushes are perfectly shaped and their brand new blending brush and contouring brush are essential editions to any brush collection. Have a look at my E.L.F brush collection by clicking here and here.